Pro You The Keeper Conditioner 350ml


Key benefits

Helps to prolong high definition color and prevents fading while enhances the hair’s shine and softness.

Formulated with specialist technology that prevents fading.

–ANTI-FADING AGENTS:These are substantive to mechanically-damaged surface areas that are more prone to color loss. The inclusion of this type of ingredients aims to create a homogeneous surface that is easily sealed as a result of pH values

–LOW PH:These color-safe formulas have an acid pH, which contributes to the closure of the hair cuticle, meaning that color is better retained in the hair fiber.

The cuticle layers open and close depending on the pH of the products applied to the hair:
· Acid products (pH <7) close and seal the cuticle. · Alkaline (base) products (pH >7 open the cuticle.

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Conditioning formula for thin hair.

Who is it for?

For all types of color treated hair, specially thin hair.

Key benefits

Helps to detangle, enhances shine and prolongs high-definition color.


Pro You