Why can I not see prices on some items?
Both our website and our stores have dual pricing. There is a standard retail price and also wholesale price for customers who are qualified hair and beauty specialists active in the trade.  Some of the items we sell are not available for purchase to the general public and are exclusively sold to trade customers. For example, Hair Colour or Wax products can only be purchased by customers who are qualified to use them. You will need to login to your trade account in order to see prices and purchase these items. As a retail customer, you can only read further detail on these products. All prices shown on items when you are not logged into your trade account are standard retail prices.


How do I sign up for a trade account?
In order for us to set you up with a trade account you will need to complete our application form to register for a trade account which you can find here (link). All applications for trade accounts are reviewed and once approved we will issue you with your trade login.


Can I still sign up for an account even though I’m not a trade customer?
Yes, by all means. You can sign up and use your account as a retail customer.


What are the benefits of having a trade account?
As a trade customer, you will be able to purchase items at our wholesale price. You can also avail of our Multi Buy deals and place orders online.


How VAT free days’ work?
Throughout the year, we randomly run VAT free day sales. This means we discount selected items in line with the rate of VAT. The VAT is still paid on these items, the discount you receive is an internal one provided by us.