Pink Nitrile Gloves Large


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Super soft 4.5 mil thick, latex free gloves for the style conscious. Fully textured for good grip. One of our most popular gloves in the medical and beauty markets.
Ultrasoft Pink Nitrile gloves are latex free gloves for the style conscious! All over microtexturing ensures excellent grip, while the elastic nitrile material shapes to your hands, making them supremely comfortable to wear. Nitrile gloves have 3 times the puncture resistance of latex gloves as well as superior protection to chemicals. Medical Grade Class 1 Medical device.
Our PRO nitrile gloves offer a completely new level of comfort to the nitrile glove user. Many gloves of this type are tight fitting and often require the wearer to move up a size, but our Ultrathin, Ultragrip, Ultraflex and Ultrasoft nitrile gloves are thermo-responsive, stretching to the shape of your hand as they are warmed by the skin. If you try one on one hand, and a latex glove on the other, the relaxed fit of the Pro glove becomes immediately apparent.The fingers are micro-textured to give good grip in wet conditions. Completely latex free.
Packed in boxes of 100 gloves (50 pairs).



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