Hairgum Fixing Gel 95 Tousled Effect 100g


Hairgum 95 fixative gel based on 95% ingredients of natural origin, ideal for wet hairstyles – disheveled, respecting the hair and scalp. A fixing gel that, due to its ingredients, will allow you to fight against dandruff and excess sebum as well as calm and relax your scalp attacked by external elements (pollution, UV, etc.). The fiber of your hair is preserved, the styling gel does not leave residues and does not harm the scalp. It is ideal for short hair. For men who want to style their hair with a gel based on ingredients of natural origin that respects their hair and its environment.

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Tips for use: Apply a tablespoon of Hairgum 95 fixing gel on dry or damp hair to accentuate the wet effect. Then comb to give the hair the desired tousled movement. For an even stronger hold, spray the style with Hairgum Strong Lacquer as a finish.



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