Denman Bubl Mask


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Ergonomically Designed, CE Approved and Type II mask – bubl is made from flexible polymer that fits snugly around the bridge of the nose, cheeks and chin. The shape of the mask is naturally ergonomic – based on how people instinctively cup their hands to protect their nose and mouth.
2Transparent Visibility – The bubl masks are transparent, allowing for natural, empathetic communication by reducing barriers that are caused by traditional masks. You can see facial expressions, emotions and catch visual cues.
3100% Reusable – Easily cleaned. The main body of the mask can be sterilised with spray or steam.
4EZ Adjustable Fit – Elastic straps are adjustable for fit and comfort with head strap adaptor to protect ears.
5Changeable Filters (tested to BS EN 14683: 2019) The double filters can be changed daily. They simply twist and pop out. Each pair of filters offer 8hrs of use




Made in the UK.