Re/start Color Protective jelly mask 250ml


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Revlon Professional Re/Start Color Protective Jelly Mask 250ml has an extremely creamy formula with high moisturizing and nourishing abilities specially designed for colored or color-damaged hair. In particular, this mask not only leaves the hair visibly healthier but also gives it shine and a new vibrancy. Moreover, it prevents its color from fading over time, protecting it against oxidation. In addition to all this, along with the rest of the range, this mask helps to balance the scalp, also keeping it healthier.

Enriched with KERABIOTIC OXI GUARDâ„¢ technology, this mask combines ingredients that care not only for the hair fiber but also for the scalp. In addition, it protects, enhances, and beautifies the hair for a true long-lasting color. Notably, the main ingredient of this technology is Acai berries extract. It revitalizes the hair thanks to its composition full of vitamins and also prevents the natural process of oxidation of the hair. In this way, your color is kept perfect for much longer. Last but not least, Panthenol, a nourishing vitamin with powerful soothing and strengthening properties, contributes to improving hair shine and prevents damage from within. In short, through this composition, this mask guarantees a much healthier, protected, and shiny colored hair.





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