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Blank Canvas Luxury Crackers Wine Gift Set contains 4 deluxe crackers each containing an eye-makeup brush designed with rich wine and emerald green colours. This limited-edition brush set stars the amazing E45, E05, E84 & E88 – now that’s what we call a CRACKING good gift!

Why you need it:
Blank Canvas Luxury Crackers Wine Gift Set consists of four luxury crackers containing one of the following Blank Canvas family favourite brushes: E45, E08, E84 & E88. Each brush comes in a rich wine and emerald green coloured luxury cracker – the perfect addition to any holiday setting! The Luxury Crackers are the ultimate festive gift, they can be kept together as a special treat for a makeup lover or shared among four friends, so everyone gets a brush!

What’s included:
E45 Duo Fibre Blending Brush – multi-purpose face brush for flawless concealing and blending.
E05 Angled Shading Brush
E84 Slim Oval Blender – eyeshadow brush for blending and diffusing shadows and pigments.
E88 Angled Brow Brush – the perfect tool for creating definition and texture in brows, with extra soft fibres that can be used with gel, liquid, cream or powder.

Free From:
Vegan Friendly, Cruelty Free

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