Supermeche Bleach High 9 Lift 400g

Bi-Bond Complex

The Bi-Bond Complex, Double Bond Reconstruction, is an innovative booster that
protects hair. It is the evolution of the Biomimetic Quaternized Keratin
contained in The Hair Supporters and Harmonizers. It works on the outside
of hair, repairing damage, and inside, penetrating the fiber and
restructuring it.


Chia Seed Oil

Chia seed oil is a real powerhouse. In Aztec ‘chia’ means strength and the oil

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BB Bleach High Lift 9 Tones

  1. Mix BB Bleach with ALFAPARF MILANO Oxid’o in a non-metal bowl. Mixing ratio varies from 1:1 to 1:3 according to the bleaching technique chosen (see table).
    Follow the recommended mixing ratios very carefully. Mix with a brush until you obtain a smooth, even, creamy consistency.
    2. Apply the bleaching mixture to dry, unwashed hair. Check the level of lift regularly.
    3.Once the desired level of lift has been reached, rinse hair thoroughly and shampoo to remove any leftover bleaching mixture.
    Maximum processing time: 55 minutes. Do not use under a heat source.




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