LUO Color

Fresh looking colour. Fresh looking shine. Hair by hair.

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Fresh looking colour. Fresh looking shine. Hair by hair. LUO Color provides an ultra high-shine and luminous looking permanent colour in just 20 minutes. Each LUO Color shade has a special combination of photo-reflective colour molecules to enhance the personality of the hair’s own reflects. Photo-reflective colourants allow the hair to absorb and reflect light, at the same time creating brilliant, shimmering results. This multi-dimensional, light reflecting colour provides up to 4.5 levels of lightening. LUO Color is enriched with Nutrishine technology and Grape seed oil. Hair is left vibrant, feeling smooth and radiating shine.

  • Coverage of up to 70% of white hair
  • Permanent colour. Long-lasting permanent translucent colour
  • Up to 3 levels
  • 5 to 10 mins: Depending on the service provided by your professional hairdresser total service time may vary

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LUO 10.01, LUO 10.12, LUO 10.23, LUO 2.10, LUO 4, LUO 4.5, LUO 5, LUO 5.21, LUO 5.35, LUO 6, LUO 6.14, LUO 6.24, LUO 6.32, LUO 6.4, LUO 7, LUO 7.1, LUO 7.32, LUO 8, LUO 8.13, LUO 9, LUO 9.03, LUO 9.12, LUO PO, LUO PO1, LUO PO2


LUO Color


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