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The Cosmic collection for autumn 2022 takes nail techs on a journey around the solar system, with six glittering gel polish hues, each inspired by and named after a planet.

Ranging from mesmerising greens and blues to deep red and black, the shades have an iridescent, glitter finish to add brightness to autumn and winter days.

The Cosmic collection features:

Saturn – a dark green with bright blue flecks, mirroring the spinning rings of the planet.
Neptune – a black base with bold, turquoise shimmer on top.
Jupiter – a timeless, black glitter shade.
Venus – a sparkly burgundy with a cool lavender undertone.
Mars – a dark scarlet with kaleidoscopic glitter, like the shimmer of the planet’s sands.
Mercury – a deep blue shade with colour-shifting flecks to mimic the planet’s surface.



Halo - Cosmic Collection

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