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Blank Canvas Luxury Crackers Teal Gift Set contains 4 deluxe crackers that each contain an eye-makeup brush designed with teal colours. Starring the amazing E24, E10, E20, E42 eye brushes, this gift set is perfect for a makeup lover, or split it among your friends for an extra special gifting experience.

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Why you need it:
Blank Canvas Luxury Crackers Teal Gift Set consists of four luxury crackers containing one of the following Blank Canvas family favourite brushes: E24, E10, E20, E42. Each housed in a teal coloured luxury cracker, the brushes have a sleek design with an artist handle, giving your makeup bag that professional look and feel. The perfect addition to any holiday setting, this luxurious brush set lets you discover the art of makeup perfection!

What’s included:
E42 Pointed Crease Blender – multi-purpose eye brush with extra soft fibres for applying and blending along the crease of the eye.
E10 Small Socket Blender – detail eye brush with extra soft fibres, the perfect tool for precise eyeshadow application.
E24 Flat Shader Brush – the perfect tool for placement and shading of eyeshadows, with extra soft, high quality fibres.
E20 Oval Crease Blender – superior crease blender for seamless blending of powders, handmade from extra soft, high quality fibres.

Free From:
Vegan Friendly, Cruelty Free


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